Cynthia Zeltwanger

Women’s Leadership Lab

Cynthia Zeltwanger

Zeltwanger’s mission is to achieve gender and cultural equality in all realms of leadership. She does this by promoting the value of diverse leadership experiences and styles and working with others to eliminate leadership barriers. She is the cofounder of Women’s Leadership Lab, established in 2011. 

For the past four years Zeltwanger served as the executive director of the Paulson Institute, a nonprofit founded by former US Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson. Prior to this she spent 18 years working for the derivatives subsidiary of Societe Generale in various positions including CEO of the Americas and global COO. She had full P&L responsibility for the America’s zone and, as global COO, she managed the cultural and operational integration of over 3,000 employees in 18 different countries.

Zeltwanger uses her extensive multi-cultural management experience in the creation and facilitation of leadership programs. She focuses on strategies for leading and collaborating across cultural and geographical differences. Her breadth of leadership experience allows her to quickly comprehend a wide variety of business issues, leadership challenges and personality types. She is action oriented and driven to assist others in achieving their goals. 

Zeltwanger served as the chairperson of the women in Listed Derivatives’ Mentorship Program. Under her direction, the mentorship committee created and successfully implemented a mentorship program to promote the advancement of women in financial services. She was also a director of the Options Clearing Corporation and the EDX exchange.

Zeltwanger holds a law degree from the Kent College of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ball State University.