Inside the Summer Business Scholars Program: 2018

Students in classroom

Last week we welcomed the Summer Business Scholars (SBSP) Class of 2018 to Chicago Booth. After months of reviewing applications and carefully planning our program, we were very excited to meet our 50 scholars who are spending three weeks on campus learning business principles and gaining hands-on experience before starting their careers.

This year’s class comes from 15 different countries, including India, Italy, Ukraine, and South Korea. With undergraduate majors as diverse as biomedical engineering, economics, and art history, each of our scholars brings a unique perspective. The collective breadth of experiences contributed by our scholars enriches SBSP’s distinctive learning environment and enhances the classroom dynamic.

During the course of the program, scholars will experience a unique curriculum that blends theory and practice by building upon key business competencies from week-to-week. The first two weeks provide scholars with foundational knowledge in accounting, finance, and marketing, while week three will help put these concepts into practice.

Scholars will also gain confidence in their leadership potential and strengthen their negotiation skills. They can even develop insights into career opportunities not previously considered through visits to Chicago-based companies and networking practice with professionals from a variety of industries.

The city of Chicago is a vibrant backdrop to the overall SBSP experience. Scholars have a chance to explore downtown cruising on an architectural boat tour, visiting historical venues, attending summer festivals, and snacking on Chicago-style specialties.

While holistically crafted, SBSP is designed to give each scholar the opportunity to create an impactful experience and discover his or her potential. We invite you to follow their journey of discovery on Facebook and Instagram #BoothSBSP, and through week-by-week accounts from the scholars themselves.

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