Advice From Across the Interview Table

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The admissions committee has spent these first few weeks of fall reviewing your applications, and we’ve arrived at the next important step in the admissions process. In order to discover more about you as a candidate, many of you have been invited for an admissions interview.

You now have a unique opportunity to meet with a member of the Booth community during your interview, whether you come to campus and meet with a current student or interview with a Booth alumnus in your city. These are passionate individuals who volunteer their time and talent to truly get to know potential members of the future class. “One of the coolest aspects about being a student interviewer, aside from a chance to play a role in the admissions process, is to hear about all the great work applicants are doing,” says former admissions fellow, Nithin Kuchibhotla, ’17. Admissions Fellows are second-year students who were selected to work with the Office of Admissions to conduct admissions interviews and assist with other recruiting activities. Read more about Nithin’s experience here.

At Booth, we view the interview as a two way exchange and want this to be a conversation in which you gain as much as you give. José Pablo Gutierrez, ‘16 reminds us, “Think about it as a twofold dynamic, you are interviewing the program you are going to select as your business school too.” Chaitenya Razdan, ‘11 also adds, “Prospective students get the chance to meet members of their new community - people who they will be reaching out to in the future for help, or advice, or jobs.”

To prepare for you interview, it is important to be confident with the basics: why do you want to pursue an MBA and why is now the optimal time in your career to do so? Beyond that, our alumni interviewers around the world share their sage advice on how to present your best self in your admissions interview:

“The best candidates weave their story in such way that it becomes easy for the interviewer to visualize how they will fit into the Booth class and use the business school experience, in all its many facets, to pursue their aspirations.” – Chris Della Porta, ‘16

“Just know that you you don’t have to be nervous. For any questions in the interview, there is no right answer. Just be genuine .” – Cathy Hsu, ‘16

“I always tell candidates to practice their story and to think deeply about why they want to go to business school, and why Booth in particular. Being able to explain that concisely is a critical piece of the interview.” – Ankur Raniwala, ‘14

“Use the interview as a developmental opportunity. Preparation leads to a lot of reflection.” – Eddie Kang, ‘15

“Be yourself. It's the only way to guarantee a great fit both for you and Chicago Booth!” – Santiago Dawson, ‘15

“Given that the interviewer doesn’t know very much about you before you meet, think about how you relate your experiences in a way that draws the interviewer in and invites them to ask questions.”– Jeffrey Stine, ‘13

“Don't try to mold yourself into what Booth thinks you should be. You're going to be a more compelling candidate if you speak with confidence about the things you know best.” – Tatiana Hodapp, ‘14

"What will YOU add to the Booth experience? The MBA experience isn't a one way road." –  Erik Underwood, '17

“Listen and interact. The interview should be a conversation, not a sales pitch.” – Evan Coughenour, ‘14

“Understand what Booth is all about and analyze what you can bring to the table.” – Borja Baeta Luaces, ‘15

“Prepare for the interview with mock interviews until you're confident. Then show up and be yourself!” – Diana Yan, ‘15


As always, we wish you the best of luck in the interview and enjoy learning more about Booth. Remember that all Round One interviews must be completed by Friday, November 17th. If you have any questions, please contact us at

All the best,
Donna Swinford
Senior Director of Admissions