Students Reflect on Their Essays

Students Reflect on Their Essays

For those of you preparing your Round Two MBA applications we know it can be quite a busy time, but we hope you are finding the process of thinking about your goals and values insightful and rewarding. We thought it would be helpful to give you some insight from Admissions, as well as the perspective of Booth students.

We designed our 2016-17 essay as a platform to give you some inspiration - and choice - in how you tell your story. When you look at this collection of distinct Chicago Booth moments, you’ll see our community engaged in everyday life. Don’t hesitate to draw on that vision and have fun with the process.

As you work to finalize and submit your application, read what current students say as they reflect back on their own applications to Booth.

Booth’s essay allowed me to have free reign over what I wanted the Admissions committee to know about me that I couldn’t express elsewhere in the application. As you approach this essay, think about it as an opportunity to be completely and utterly the "authentic you." Your quirks, interests, and experiences matter because Booth really values the entire person. I knew I was on to something because my best friend looked at my presentation and said, "Wow, this is so you." And well, the rest is history. ~ John Frame

The Booth essay provided me an opportunity to respond in a way that let my genuine personality show, and not in the way I believed Booth wanted me to respond. The question allowed me to determine what form I wanted my essay to take, to show Booth who I am, and to provide them an opportunity to determine why I am a right fit for the school. ~ Talal Dajani

I built my application into a narrative that not only expressed what I've done in the past, but also my future goals. Based on the essay prompt, I was able to give a glimpse of the person I am beyond my resume. My advice is to invest the time thinking about what you want the school to know about you and bring that to life in your essay. ~ Kate Donlin

The essay called into question what I really wanted, what would really make me happy, and what the path forward looked like. My approach was to craft a timeline, imagine where I hoped to be 10 years from now, and find the storyline that led me to that point. At first, writing an MBA essay seemed overwhelming, but once I found my voice, it felt more like art than an application. In many ways, it confirmed why I wanted to be at Booth. ~ Sarah Coury

The essay helped me understand what I valued in my personal and professional aspirations. My approach was to define who I am and what is important to me. I really dug into my work and career choices, as well as my extracurricular activities, to understand what drives my motivation. Evaluating my background and the future impact I hope to have was important in understanding how an MBA will help me reach my goals. I assessed how my values were similar to Booth's. ~ Stephanie Hsu 

I approached the application by thinking about the "why" behind my life decisions. Rather than focusing on a particular highlight from my past career, I thought holistically about the connection between different stages of my life, how they related to my future goals, and how these experiences shaped my personality. It allowed me to tell my story in the exact way that I thought would best portray who I am. That was the beauty of the Booth essay. ~ Stephen Yi

We hope that you enjoy the process, continue to dig deep into your passions and reasons for wanting an MBA, and reflect on why Booth is the place you want to be. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, or join our live chat on December 14th!

We look forward to learning more about you and reading your essays on January 4th.