From Application to Employment

From Application To Employemnt

There are many aspects to an MBA application — your career goals and professional experience being key. For anyone considering business school, part of the research you do should focus on your desired future career, and how the MBA experience will prepare you. The admissions committee doesn’t expect your goals written in stone, but it’s important to know you have some clear ideas of what you want your future to look like.

I recently joined the Admissions team to oversee the evaluation and selection of our Full-Time MBA candidates; I also lead our alumni initiatives focusing on innovative ways for prospective students to engage with our global network of 50,000 alumni. Having been part of Booth’s Career Services employer development team before transitioning to Admissions, I worked closely with hundreds of companies that hire MBAs, as well as Booth alumni who champion hiring Booth talent within their organizations.

That said, I’ve gained a very clear perspective of what employers who hire at Booth are looking for — and how those values can be important to highlight in your application. It will be essential for you to connect with students and alumni to get their personal perspectives how the MBA, and Booth, helped them get where they wanted to be. Be prepared to share what you want to get from your MBA, and what you can bring to the community. Know which schools might be best suited to help you get where you want to be.

The Booth Full-Time MBA employment report is a great place to start – a valuable resource to see the breadth of employers that have hired Booth talent, as well as trends in industry interest among recent Booth graduates. Last year, 97.4% of graduates landed work within three months of graduation – the highest percentage among the top 25 schools.

I’ve outlined some helpful things to consider when looking at the employment report in detail:

• The Profiles tab is a great overview. It can give you a sense of the career paths our students pursue, and include those that have made a career change.

• The Employers section outlines the top companies recruiting at Booth year over year. For example, in 2015, over 200 companies hired Booth talent into more than 20 industries across the globe.

• The Class Analysis breaks down each class by those seeking employment versus those who were not, the class profile, as well as job offers and acceptances. The current report contains the past 5 years’ worth of full-time and intern hiring data.

• The Function and Industries sections break down full-time positions and internships accepted, in addition to providing salary ranges and the number of hires per company, allowing you to see trends in the career interests of our students. In 2015, over 40 students decided to start their own business or became entrepreneurs, and the number of students entering tech has doubled over the past five years.

• The Locations portion highlights the geographic diversity of where our students land, and Job Source demonstrates the strength of the employer network. Last year, more than 3/4 of all offers were facilitated through Booth – a glowing example of the power of the Booth network.

As you consider your own career path and where you hope to go with your MBA, it’s important to think about not only what role and function you hope to have but how your values and goals align with both your chosen school, and your future potential employers. In working with firms like Facebook, Warner Bros, and Amazon, we know that so much of what they seek in their employees strongly resonates with the values of Chicago Booth. The Chicago Approach and our core values around inquiry, flexibility, diversity, and support set our students and alumni apart in the workplace.

As you learn more about Booth, you will have an opportunity to connect with students and alumni and ask them about their Booth experience. With many live online chats coming up with our current students centered on various career paths, we hope you will take the opportunity to ask some of your most burning questions about pursuing your career at Booth and the support you can expect to receive.

With a breadth of responsibilities in my new role, I look forward to helping shape future classes at Chicago Booth. As always, feel free to comment below if you have any questions about our employment report and more.