Explore the Class of 2016 Employment Report

Explore the Class of 2016 Employment Report

As you think about your MBA application, you are most likely considering your future career goals and how to choose the right program to achieve those dreams. The business school experience is not just about your first job after graduation. It’s about preparing you to be successful for the entirety of your future career.

With the support of Career Services, Booth students spend two years identifying and developing their strengths and interests, formulating a job search strategy, and then executing on that plan. Part of that plan starts well before business school when they began researching MBA programs, what the programs had to offer, and assessing the level of success their graduates could expect.

Each year in November, we report on the recent graduating class and their first career steps post-MBA, as well as on the current second-year students and their recently completed MBA summer internships. The Chicago Booth Employment Report highlights the organizations that hired members of the Class of 2016, the industries and functions students stepped into, and the cities in which they chose to work.

Similar to last year, we wanted to spotlight sections that can help prospective students as they compare MBA programs. As you page through the report, take notice of some areas you may find most useful as a future MBA student.

Class Analysis
The Class Analysis breaks down each graduating class by offers and acceptances for grads who were actively seeking employment. We are happy to report that 98.4% of our Class of 2016 received job offers within three months of graduating. This compares favorably to the Class of 2015 when 97.4% of grads received formal job offers within three months of graduation – the highest percentage among the top 25 schools. In addition, our international students were 100% employed three months out.

The Employers section outlines the top companies recruiting at Booth for the past six years. This year, over 450 companies hired Booth talent into more than 20 industries. Corporations like McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, and Amazon continue to top the list of firms hiring Booth talent, with employers like Fidelity, Google, and Samsung increasing their full-time offers over last year.

Functions and Industries
The Functions and Industries sections dive into full-time positions and internships accepted, in addition to providing salary ranges and the number of hires per company, allowing you to see trends in the career interests of our students. Overall, we continue to see great diversity in the roles and industries our grads are pursuing. More grads landed in Corporate Strategy/Strategic Planning, Product Management, and Investment Management/Research roles in comparison to last year. We also saw increases in industries like Consumer Products, Financial Services such as Private Equity and Venture Capital, and in Technology, specifically eCommerce/Internet.

Location and Job Source
The Location section highlights the geographic diversity of where our students end up, and Job Source demonstrates how grads sourced their eventual offers. Almost half of our graduates landed in major cities on the West Coast and in the Northeast United States. International hires remain strong as our Career Services team works to cultivate relationships with employers outside of the Unites States to support students who wish to work internationally after graduation. And, more than 3/4 of all offers were facilitated through Booth – a glowing example of the power of the Chicago Booth network.

Before joining admissions to oversee the evaluation and selection of our Full-Time MBA candidates, I spent four years as part of Booth’s Career Services employer development team. With staff based in the Unites States, Europe, and Asia, the team continues to travel the globe to cultivate relationships with employers, identify opportunities, and make those opportunities accessible to our students.

As you move forward with your business school plans, consider your own career path and where you hope to go with your MBA. You have heard us say many times that while we want you to have clear ideas about your future career; you don’t need to have every detail mapped out. Certainly you will make many discoveries during your program and uncover amazing and unexpected possibilities. Know how your goals align with your top business school choices, the potential employers you envision yourself pursuing post-MBA, and which schools can offer you the opportunities you hope for.

As always, feel free to comment below if you have any questions about our employment report, career support at Booth, or other ways our program can help you achieve your professional potential after school and beyond.