Teaming Up with the Booth Experience


the booth experienceBack in November, Kurt introduced us to the newly redesigned student blog, The Booth Experience. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working closely with The Booth Experience Team – the voices and minds behind what has become a resource not only for those of you interested in a Chicago Booth MBA, but truly anyone considering an MBA experience.

Working with The Booth Experience student contributors helps those of us on the Admissions team to understand the day-to-day of our students, their paths to Booth, and how they navigate life in general here. These student stories better enable us to answer questions for prospective students and give them a snapshot of Booth life. The blog itself is largely a reflection of what the team feels you should consider and know about this institution, and the students. They meet each week to plan how they can tell readers about not only what is happening at Booth now, but how they can help you understand more about the classes in which they are challenged, what student groups are up to throughout the year, how they are contributing in leadership roles, how they manage their finances, and what fun things there are to do around the city of Chicago. This usually ends in debates like whether Big Star or Taco Joint wins out as the premier taco place in the city.

Although they come from different backgrounds, have separate goals, varied priorities and will be going to very different places after they leave Booth, The Booth Experience Team share experiences rooted in Booth values, integrating diverse perspectives, community, risk-taking, and support in everything that they do as a team.

In my first blog for The Booth Insider, I said that the stories the people here tell make Booth what it is. Almost a year later, I modify that statement: At Booth, the people that come together in this community make the place.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to follow their stories for what can only be heard right from our students.