Round Three Coming Up

Round Three

Round three is just around the corner and it’s hard to believe we’re already here. If you’re planning on applying, be sure to hit submit by Tuesday, April 7 at 5pm CT for the final opportunity to join the Class of 2017.

Here’s some information for Round Three applicants about the process leading up to the final decision date of May 21st.

Starting on April 7th, the admissions committee will be reviewing all of your applications in order to make final interview invitation decisions. Interview invitations will be released on Friday, April 17th via email at 9am CT. If you are invited to interview, you will have two options to complete your interview.

On Campus Interviews

Interviews will begin on April 27th and must be completed before May 1st at the Harper Center. They will be conducted by our second-year student Admissions Fellows. Applicants should consider the on campus option as an opportunity to participate in the campus visit program.

Alumni Interviews in Your City

Alumni interviews will begin on April 20th and must be completed before May 1st. Interviews are conducted by alumni in cities all over the world. The admissions office will pair you with a member of our alumni community within your city preferences. Together you will pick a convenient time and place (generally a coffee shop or an office) for your interview.

After all interviews are complete, the committee will again evaluate all applications. You will receive a notification via email at 9am on May 21st with your final admissions decision.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below or reach us at