Honoring the Legacy of Dr. and Mrs. Fogel


honoring the legacy of Dr. and Mrs. fogel2The 33rd Annual Fogel Dinner took place on October 14th at Chicago Booth’s downtown Gleacher Center campus. The evening saw more than 60 people come together for good conversation and great food to mark this tradition of community gathering.

Dr. Fogel and Mrs. Enid FogelThis event honors the late Dr. and Mrs. Robert Fogel for their contributions and support towards a strong and diverse community at Booth. Dr. Fogel was a Nobel Prize winning professor in economics and Mrs. Enid Fogel was Chicago Booth’s first African-American Associate Dean of Students.

In 1982, the Fogels began welcoming new students to the university by inviting underrepresented minorities at Booth into their home for a fun evening of food, wisdom and laughter. It’s a tradition we carry on in order to honor both our diverse community and the legacy that Dr. and Mrs. Fogel have created for generations of past, present, and future students.

The Event Gives

The event gives first- and second-year students a chance to mingle, find out more about one another's backgrounds, and share ideas on things like recruiting and life at Booth. One first-year student noted she was impressed by the influence the Fogels had on our community and appreciated that the couple remains recognized for their wisdom in promoting diversity within our institution.

Joined by alumni, staff and students, Jessica Jaggers, Senior Director of Diversity Affairs, began the evening by reminding everyone of the Fogels, and how their goal of creating a celebration of inclusion is a collective responsibility that continues to bring us together.

Though they are no longer with us, Dean Sunil Kumar reassured us in his opening remarks that this event will continue to be strongly supported by the institution and that their legacy will continue to shine. We will always remember them for their achievements, vision, and the encouragement that they offered to us all.