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Giuliana Reis Global Booth Ambassador

By Giuliana Reis, Class of 2016
Global Booth Ambassador

Among the many things that I love about Booth, the pay-it-forward culture and the diversity of the student body are most important to me.

One of the great ways students get involved in paying it forward to prospective MBA students is to volunteer their time and insight as a Regional or Country Captain - student ambassadors whose focus in on building relationships with prospective students and alumni in various regions and countries throughout the world. Last year I served as one of the Country Captains for Brazil and it was an amazing experience! I was able to not only show the love for my country, but to help my fellow Brazilians learn about Chicago Booth and introduce them to others in my network. This year as a Global Booth Ambassador for the Office of Admissions I help the Captains in their volunteer efforts.

If you’re considering an MBA, I can’t encourage you to reach out to the Captains enough! They would love to help you and answer your questions about the MBA and Booth experience.

Before Booth, I worked in Investment Banking and founded a carpooling start-up, Tripda, which is currently running in 13 countries. After I graduate in June, I will be working with BRF (one of the world's largest food companies) in Dubai in a Business Development role. If you feel I can help answer any questions you may have, I hope you will reach out to me by commenting below.

Best of luck with your Round Two applications! If you want to meet Boothies in person, consider joining us at a Booth Student- Hosted Event in your city, happening now!

All the Best,