Summer Experiences with Riordan and MLT


Eddie PulliamAugust is coming to a close and that is a sure sign that summer is over. My colleagues and I here in admissions were able to settle back a bit and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, but summer is actually a very busy time in the world of BSchool admissions as we travel the globe and prepare for all that fall will bring. My recruiting schedule this summer brought the opportunity for me to travel throughout Asia and meet amazing prospective students, but also have some fun and take in some of the breath taking sights while I was there.

Over the last few weeks I also got to spend some time on the west coast traveling to Los Angeles to work with the Riordan Program and to San Francisco for the Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) seminar. Both of these MBA prep programs do an amazing job working with underrepresented prospective students helping their “fellows” go through the paces of applying to business school.

The Riordan Program held its session on the campus of University of Southern California – Los Angeles. With over 200 fellows that participate, candidates had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with MBA admissions officers. I enjoyed participating on a panel that explored the reasons for applying to business school along with the different parts of the application process and how they fit together when making a decision. I was quite impressed with the questions that were volleyed our way which showed that students really did their research and were very curious about the leadership and management training available at these schools.

After LA, I headed to the Management Leadership for Tomorrow seminar in San Francisco on Stanford’s campus. MLT is a leading source of minority talent for both top MBA programs and corporations that look for key movers and shakers to represent their communities. The weekend offers MLT Fellows introductions to MBA officers that help them navigate their MBA application concerns via panel discussions and networking events designed for them to understand the application process with more clarity.

Chicago Booth has worked with both of these organizations for several years and have invited many members to be part of the Booth community. I encourage you to check out the websites if you’re interested in learning more. Of course I invite you to visit us on campus too. I’d be happy to give you my perspective on the value of an MBA and the opportunities that you can find here at Booth!