Reapplicants Want To Know...


Donna SwinfordI just recently returned to campus after an incredible recruiting trip to Moscow, Kyiv, Amsterdam and Brussels. It was an amazing personal and professional journey as I met so many great prospective students and alumni who amazed me with their very own #whybooth stories. As I have been traveling the globe this year, frequent questions I received from applicants like you revolved around reapplying to Booth this year.

A reapplicant is someone who has previously applied to the Full-Time MBA program, and was either not admitted, or was not able to start their MBA as planned. Reapplicants, like all candidates, want to know:

What does it take to be a successful reapplicant?

The answer is really the same for everyone. Your application should be a reflection of who you are, and tell us clearly why you want an MBA, and why now is the right time. We will then craft our class with those who show the strongest fit to Booth.

How does Booth evaluate reapplicants?

The Admissions committee will review your file as we would any other applicant. If you applied within the past two years, we will have access to your previous application and will reference it to see what may have changed for you over time. (hint: do not use the same essays!)

What should a reapplicant pay special attention to in the application?

For those who applied within the past two years, you are required to submit an additional essay about how your thoughts about an MBA or Booth have changed. For the rest of the essays, make sure you are answering the questions we ask, not the questions you want to answer. Reread the essays from your last application. Did they make sense? Did they answer the questions? Were the genuine? As a reapplicant, you will want to start your essays from scratch. Ask yourself, how am I different from the last time?

All applicants should submit two recommendations who can give good examples of your work and potential. Reapplicants can definitely ask the same recommenders from the previous application, but realize it will be important that they write updated letters on your behalf.

How long should I wait to apply again after the first application to Booth?

We do not have guidelines or any preference on how long you should wait to reapply. Instead we encourage people to apply when they feel it’s the right time. Some people are ready to try again right away, while others may take a couple of years before deciding again to pursue an MBA.

What is your best advice to someone who is reapplying?

Before you submit, have someone who does not know you very well review your application, like a colleague or friend of a friend. Ask the person what they learned about you, did they see potential, did your answers make sense?

In our eyes, a reapplicant is a fresh candidate with a fresh application who has had more time to reflect on their motivation for an MBA, additional experiences, and personal growth. You are different from when you applied the first time! Each year, each round, reapplicants are successful in the application process. Over ten percent of the Class of 2015 were reapplicants! So I encourage you to stay focused and positive. And, of course, comment below if you have any additional questions about the process!