Booth Alumni - Our Global Community


To quote Dr. Seuss in one of his more profound works, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”,

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

So, as a Booth alumnus, where will you go? What will you do? Ultimately, that decision will be yours to decide, but not without an unparalleled global alumni network and support system to help steer you towards your post-Booth adventure.

The atmosphere at the Harper Center is one of extreme diversity, intellectual curiosity, a place where your senses are stimulated to challenge the status quo and appreciate the value of an idea. It is special, unique, exhilarating. So, too, are our alumni, as they continue to build upon the skills and talents they discovered and acquired at Chicago Booth.

Our network is vast and far reaching – with over 70 alumni clubs spread across the world, and 60 within the United States, our students are provided with unlimited opportunities to connect with those who came before them. Our alumni welcome conversations with current students, engaging at a multitude of levels both during and after your MBA experience. Whether it is returning to campus to host mock interviews, communicating industry expertise, assisting in the recruiting process, or hosting a cocktail hour to simply share how Booth changed their life forever, our alumni are accessible. At Chicago Booth, we have a ‘pay it forward’ mentality, and our alumni lead by example. They are a part of the recruiting process, and serve as mentors for our students and for one another. With an alumni network that numbers over 46,000 in over 116 countries, one can find a Boothie doing great things in every corner of the globe.

Joining a network of individuals who represent a broad scope of industries is crucial for students looking to join an MBA program. As your interests shift over time, having a community that shares expertise in areas as broad as entrepreneurship to investment banking, marketing to social enterprise, venture capital/private equity to media/entertainment will be essential. Knowing that you are always a Booth directory search away from alumni is reassuring, and we pride ourselves in knowing just how supportive our Boothies are of one another. Additionally, our alumni are able to continue their professional development years after Booth, and are provided with career advancement opportunities and tools. Participating in international events such as Chicago Conversations, Global Leadership Series, and Business Forecast & Economic Outlook, allow the alumni community to reengage on a consistent basis, thus reinforcing their strong ties to Booth.

But who best to ask about just how great it is to be a Booth alumnus besides an alumnus? We recently held an online chat with several distinguished alumni members across the world, and they shared the impact of their Booth MBA. How did they take advantage of resources at Booth? What was their career transition like? How are they still involved with Booth, and at what level? Who recruits at Booth? Why did they choose Booth? All incredibly valid questions, with meaningful insight shared in the chat transcript that provides a transparent glance into Booth for them then, and now.

As we gather tonight for World Wide Booth Night, our alumni are once again showcased for their immense desire to give back, enhance each current student's experience, and to pay it forward. We know that you want your alumni community to be as dynamic and meaningful as your time at the Harper Center, and the Chicago Booth alumni community challenges one another to have a continuation of learning, engagement, and fun after graduation. I welcome any questions regarding how the alumni network at Booth is indeed impactful and supportive!