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The End of the Beginning

This August, the Chicago Booth Executive MBA class finished its first quarter. Already, so much has changed and while I can’t claim to be a different person, there have definitely been some tectonic shifts in the way I think and approach things. Read More »

Adjusting to the New Normal

Since I last wrote about Kick Off Week in Chicago, I have been adjusting to the “new normal”. No, I’m not referring to a new era of low interest rates, but to the crazy life in which me and my fellow students combine the most academically rigorous MBA programme in the world with doing well at work, not getting dumped by family and friends, staying healthy and sane, showing concern for the wider world and finding time to sleep. I have always been told that something would have to give and have been experimenting with various alterations. Read More »

Chicago Booth Kick off Week: bows and arrows or milk and honey?

The answer is both. I am used to working in a 24/7 culture, but can honestly say that I have never had as much coffee as I did in my first week of being a Chicago Booth Exec MBA student. Read More »