Alumni Voices

We are fortunate to have an active and engaged alumni community in the Executive MBA Program. Read their reflections on how Chicago Booth has had an impact on them and their careers, post-graduation.

Booth Executive MBA Alum, Bob Wardrop

As we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of our Executive MBA Program, we have been catching up with alumni around the world to take stock of how the program affected their career development. We spoke recently with Bob Wardrop, '96, to learn more about his personal investment in human capital.

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Happy International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women's Day with Chicago Booth as we share some personal thoughts from some of the remarkable women who have completed the Executive MBA Program.

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GNVC Chicago Semi-finals winner Pronto

In the summer of 2016, Conrad Caplin (EXP-21, ’16) and Michael Longe (EXP-21, ’16) traveled to Chicago to further develop the skillset needed for their recent shift from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. The return to Chicago Booth created other opportunities that had a monumental impact on their new business, Pronto CX.

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New Venture Challenge

Prem Iyer is CEO & Co-Founder of Rekonnex, a professional networking platform designed for private social networks. Rekonnex (formerly Aluminate) was started at Chicago Booth when Prem and two other classmates competed in and won the Global New Venture Challenge [GNVC]. Since graduating from the Executive MBA Program in 2015, Prem and his co-founders have continued to grow the business. We caught up with Prem to hear more about his experience and where he sees the company heading.

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