A major goal of this blog is to help guide you through the process of researching and applying to an MBA Program. Our global admissions teams - based in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong - provide their best advice and tips here.

admissions insights: employer sponsorship

In our latest Admissions Insights blog post Kevin Paul, Assistant Director of Admissions in Hong Kong, offers advice on how to approach your employer about sponsoring your MBA.

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Ace Your Chicago Booth Interview

In this Admissions Insights Series post, Melissa Patterson, Assistant Director of Admissions and Analytics, offers a "how-to" on preparing for your Chicago Booth interview.

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Employer Sponsorship

It’s no secret that employer sponsorship of Executive MBA Programs has shifted over the last decade. While sponsorship to an MBA Program used to be commonplace, more EMBA students are self-funding their way than ever before; industry-wide, 39.8% of incoming EMBA students were self-funded in 2014. However, there is still reason to believe that you can successfully petition your company for help with financing your MBA. We reached out to several students to get their take on how they created a successful path towards entering a sponsorship agreement with their companies

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