Looking Back on a Milestone Year

A group of several women students gather pose for a photo around a colorful sculpture of the number 75

Photo by Robert Garces

Like most people at the start of a new year, we like to take stock of our recent accomplishments and reflect on where we are headed. 2018 was special for us – the year marked our 75th Anniversary as the first Executive MBA Program in the world.

Throughout the year, we celebrated the special impact our program has made on business education. We would like to share some notable highlights from the campaign:

$850,000+ USD Raised for future Executive MBA scholarships

6,777,439 Social media impressions 

25 Media Articles

Celebrated at 46 events in 7 global cities

You can learn more about this special milestone by visiting our website to view alumni stories, read global media coverage, and see photos from the events. While these numbers demonstrate the impact our celebration had, we are excited to announce that the legacy of our 75th Anniversary will live on through a few new initiatives.  

75th Anniversary Scholarships

Due to the generosity of our Executive MBA Alumni, we have been able to raise over $800,000 worth of scholarship funds for qualified Executive MBA candidates.

Executive MBA Program Suite in Chicago

After spending a year collecting information about our program’s history, we have decided to display our past, present, and future throughout our downtown Chicago offices. As Booth Executive MBA students, alumni and prospective candidates visit our offices, they will be able to take in our program’s history while contributing to it themselves.

Close-up of timeline graphic on wall labeled 1943

A close-up of the Executive MBA Program timeline