Meet Us Where You Are


As an Admissions Counselor, one of my key responsibilities (not to mention my favorite job function) is interacting with you, our prospective students. We talk by phone and often exchange emails. I can answer questions and offer insights on the experience you will have as an Executive MBA student. These conversations, however, can be expanded to take your understanding of Chicago Booth one step further. We offer a series of global events where you can meet admissions staff, alumni and students in person. I work most directly with prospective students based in North America, and can shed light on opportunities to meet us there.

Connect with us in Chicago

We host Information Sessions at the Gleacher Center throughout the fall and winter. These sessions are wonderful opportunities for interested candidates to learn more about the program, interact with staff, and meet Executive MBA alumni and current students. We use this time to share information around the Chicago Approach, the global campuses where you will study, the Executive MBA Program timeline and curriculum. We also invite students and alumni to share their views on the experience and this is where the real value of attending comes through - you get to hear about the impact of studying at Chicago Booth straight from those who have lived it.

Tune in from work

If you're unable to make it to campus for one of our information sessions, we also host Online Sessions. These are generally held during the lunch hour so you can easily join us while at work. Both the in-person and online events provide an opportunity to ask questions specific to your interests.

Dine in your city

We recognize that meeting in more intimate settings creates opportunity for one on one conversation. For those living outside of Chicago, attending a Student and Alumni Dinner is a great way to get to know Chicago Booth. We invite a small group of prospects to gather over dinner with some of our local students and alumni. These smaller events are particularly enjoyable for me as an Admissions Counselor. I am always amazed by the generosity of our students and alumni to meet with prospective students and the candor they show when describing their experience or answering questions.

Boothie for a Day

Prospective students often ask me what else they can do to prepare to apply. My response is always to encourage them to come for a class visit to campus. Without a doubt, this is the best way to truly get a sense of the Executive MBA program experience. I still remember my first visit to a Chicago Booth classroom. I felt a little intimidated at the caliber of the students but also fully captivated by the dynamic back and forth flow of conversation and expertise of the professor. I knew almost instantly that I was going to be transformed during my time here.

Even as an alumna of the Full-Time Program and an employee of Chicago Booth, I always learn something new when I attend these events. I hear amazing stories of career advancements, professor interactions, course material applications, and alumni connections. These events often inspire me and remind me of how proud I am to be associated with such a remarkable institution. Now it is your turn…I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Melissa Patterson ‘98

Admissions Counselor