Enjoy the journey


If you’re like me most of your new year’s resolutions are already broken. I was going to exercise more, eat better, etc… all the standard stuff that millions of people promise themselves each year only to give up a few days or weeks in.

Why does that happen? Why is it that these plans to better ourselves so often fall flat? According to Chicago Booth professor Ayelet Fishbach there could be a few different reasons.

1. People don’t continue to do things that “don’t feel good”. So if you make plans to exercise until you cry every day.... you won't continue to excercise for very long.

2. Focus on the journey not the goal. She says to try to enjoy the exercise and not think too much about the number of pounds or inches you are trying to lose.

I thought that Professor Fishbach’s conclusions correlated really well to the Executive MBA student experience at Chicago Booth. As an aspiring or incoming student at Chicago Booth keep these two points in mind.

If you begin a study routine that keeps you up all hours of the night on a regular basis the likelihood of continuing that is low. Understand what resources are available to you and what is “doable” for yourself.

Enjoy the experience without constantly thinking about the endgame. Take time to smell the roses so to speak. Be sure to enjoy your class days and time reading and learning about new things. The experience at Booth is very much about continuing a journey of lifelong learning. Sure - you get a great credential along the way but if you can learn to enjoy the process and think less about the product I predict you will have a more enjoyable experience at Chicago Booth.

Toby Cortelyou