Real or fake?


I'm not talking about Gucci bags. I’m talking about faculty members.

On September 16, 2014, the Straits Times newspaper in Singapore reported that a local university has moved up two places in the World University Rankings. Four days later, the newspaper reported that a faculty member in the same university had faked his credentials prompting the university to relook at its recruitment process.

I asked an Associate Dean in our school about the Chicago Booth recruitment process for faculty members. He told me that Chicago Booth faculty interviewers in their circle of connections usually know the new recruits more than the recruits know about themselves!

During a chat over lunch, I asked a professor who left a top business school and joined Chicago Booth a couple of years ago about his interview experience with Chicago Booth. He said, "Boy, it was drilling!"

In my four years of recruiting students for our Executive MBA program in Asia, no one has ever asked me if our faculty members are “real”. I supposed they have done their research or perhaps they trusted that the school has done its due diligence in hiring faculty members. Well, in case anyone would like to have information about our faculty members, below are some of our award-winning faculty members and the courses that they teach in our Executive MBA program. Click on the name for the faculty member’s biodata. The same faculty members teach at our campus in Chicago, London and Hong Kong. All our students get the same academic standard and they earn the same MBA degree (not EMBA on the certificate) from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Linda Ginzel - Essentials of Effective Leadership, Negotiations
Nicholas Epley - Essentials of Effective Leadership
Ayelet Fishbach - Negotiations
Lars Stole, Michael Gibbs - Microeconomics
Christopher Hsee, Richard Thaler - Managerial Decision Making
Haresh Sapra - Financial Accounting
Douglas Skinner - Corporate Finance for Executives
Luis Garicano - Competitive Strategy
Per Stromberg - Financial Strategy
Sanjay Dhar, Pradeep Chintagunta - Marketing Strategy

Our Executive MBA students also have opportunities to interact with prominent award-winning faculty members including our Nobel laureates.


Kang Jung Seok (Head of Strategy and Planning, Citigroup Capital Korea Inc.) with Eugene Fama, 2013 Nobel laureate. Photo was taken at Eugene Fama’s lunch time talk with our students during kick-off class week in June 2014 in Chicago.

In researching for a program that is a right fit, prospective students should conduct desktop research as well as speak with the school’s students and alumni about their experience including the quality of the faculty members. The quality of the faculty and the approach to general management education should be the primary consideration when choosing your program.

Lim Su Chen
Associate Director, Recruitment & Admissions
Executive MBA - Asia