Your Application - The Resume


Chicago Booth has a fairly standard application in terms of the materials that we ask for:


Academic Transcripts

Standardized Test Score


Recommendation Letters


I'd like to spend the next few weeks walking through each of these pieces in some detail discussing how we use each one in the evaluation process.

These are in no particular order and it's important to note in the beginning that we take a holistic approach to application evaluation - meaning no one piece is more important than another and there is no quantitative formula used to determine admission decisions.

So - The Resume - or CV if you will:

Your resume should provide a snapshot of your professional and educational background. I'm quite certain you have heard a number or rules about what the resume should do and look like -

it can only be one page

put your education at the bottom/top

provide a summary

provide an objective

list your hobbies

don’t list your hobbies

technical skills go in the middle

Like most rules these were made to be broken - and often are. Your personal prefernce on these "rules" isn't going to determine your admission to the program. I am much more interested in the content of your resume than the format. That being said keep the audience in mind when putting this together. A 50 page resume doesn't serve you well for example.

When I read a resume I am looking for a combination of 2 things:

  1. What you have been doing day-to-day in your job(s). This helps us determine your ability to manage some of the rigor of the program

  2. Highlights/accomplishments throughout your career. This helps us determine how you might be able to add value to classroom discussions and debates

Remember, we are using these to determine your fit for the program; you want to tell us how great you are - highlighting how you have been able to add value to the organizations you have been a part of.

The resume is one piece of the process. When evaluating applications I want to know 3 things:

  1. can you handle the academic rigor of the program?

  2. are you goals in earning the degree consistent with what we offer?

  3. how are you going to add value to the experience of your classmates?

Your resume directly applies to #1 and #3 - we’ll talk more about #2 in a couple weeks.

I look forward to any comments or questions below!