Your Application - Academic Transcripts


What academic transcripts do we want and how do we use them?

The instructions from the application are copied below:

Instructions: List every undergraduate and graduate institution (in reverse chronological order) that has granted you a degree and provide a transcript for each (the diploma and courses taken/grades received). You do not need to submit official, paper transcripts to apply (although if admitted you will need to submit official transcripts to enroll). Transcripts should be uploaded online. If an institution does not provide an English translation with the transcript, please obtain a notarized English translation. If you are unable to provide a transcript, please contact

Some key takeaways here:

1. We only need transcripts from anyplace that has granted you a degree. The one course you took at community college when you were in high school 20 years ago… we don’t need it.

2. Electronic transcripts are OK for admissions purposes. Sending us hard copies of your transcripts is fine but it actually slows down the process for admission.

3. Send English translations!

What else - give us the benefit of the doubt that we know what we are doing and that we are fair. If you got a low grade in a class you took 25 years ago we aren’t going to give it the same weight we do the requirements for doing your day-to-day job well.

We use the transcripts to identify trends not blips - you’re not going to be punished for having a bad quarter back in undergrad. When I say trends I mean that consistent bad grades are a red flag for us. We are a school and you will be graded here - you will take exams and quizzes, write papers and give presentations. If you have a history of performing poorly in this type of environment we do not want to set you up to fail here.

Last but not least we are a global institution and therefore familiar with global education systems. In the US we traditionally grade on a 4.0 academic scale. Some countries have scales of 10, some 100. In some countries 60 out of 100 is top of the class, in some it’s the bottom. We know all this and measure appropriately.

I hope this helps - please feel free to comment or ask questions below.