On the Road Again


The Executive MBA team will soon set off for a series of information sessions and road shows all over the world - from Moscow to Manila, Boston to Brussels. Why do we bother traipsing the globe to spread the news about the Chicago Booth Executive MBA? The obvious answer is that we’re keen to bring ‘the mountain to Mohammed’. It’s much easier to ask a prospective student to come and see us if we’re in a hotel five minutes down the road, rather than a 3 hour plane ride away.

More importantly though, it’s a chance for local alumni, students and candidates to get together to share stories about Chicago Booth sometimes in their own language.

In the ‘LEAD’ section of our Executive MBA program students are asked to develop an authentic leadership style. When prospective candidates attend a Chicago Booth information session in their home town, they hear the ‘authentic voice’ of Chicago Booth via our students and alumni. That doesn’t mean we as admissions people aren’t authentic… the story just sometimes means more if it comes from someone who has been there and done that. Perhaps even more so if that person happens to be based in your home town, and understands your reality. An Executive MBA student recently told us that a local alumnus he met at an information session became like a sponsor to him, answering questions and ‘cheering him on’ through the application process. That’s why we’re always keen to share authentic stories about the Chicago Booth Executive MBA, even if we do have to pack an overnight bag.

Rachel Waites