My view from the student lounge


Last week we had our second - year Executive MBA program students on the London campus. This is the group that has spent 14 weeks together since meeting for the first time June 2012 and only has 2 more class weeks left until graduation. As could be predicted with a group with so much of a shared experience under its belt, spirits were running high with nostalgia for times gone past, but with a steely determination to not let even one minute of the time ahead slip by.

During the week I was able to observe their behaviour in the lounge and saw something amazing. At breaks I saw small groups of students collaborating, but then at the next break those same students were in new groups. It was a process that kept repeating throughout the week. It was what I’d imagine a cellular biologist might observe under a microscope as they look at cells forming then dividing. It was both a good illustration of the close relationships that can form during an Executive MBA program as well as gratifying to see these students building broad networks rather than narrow ones made up of the same people. One of the concepts that our students study is social capital and the value people that have broad networks have to their organizations. It looks like a lesson this group of students have learned well.

Glenn Sykes, London