More. More. More.


We are proud to announce an enhanced and expanded curriculum for our Executive MBA program, beginning with our June 2013 incoming class!

Highlights include:

MORE global collaboration

MORE electives MORE in-depth knowledge MORE leadership

It's important to note that we haven't changed what makes our executive MBA program so unique – the MBA is the same degree earned in all of our MBA programs and classes are taught by the same faculty. In fact, the curriculum review committee underlined the belief that all Booth students should have the same academically rigorous experience regardless of the program format and profile of its students.

We strive to make improvements to our program on an ongoing basis. Nothing was "broken" in our existing curriculum, but we wanted to take what we did exceptionally well and enhance those features.

MORE global collaboration

Students now spend five weeks of study instead of four with students from all three of our campuses (Chicago, London and Singapore). This is one-third of the total program.

MORE electives

Students will now spend two consecutive weeks instead of one participating in elective courses. In addition, students will spend those weeks at the Harper Center on our main University campus in Hyde Park.

MORE in-depth knowledge

We will offer six tracks of elective study that will allow students to deepen their knowledge or expand to new areas of interests. Those tracks include Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership and Management.

MORE leadership

Students will now participate in a revised leadership program in which issues most relevant to mid-career professionals will be addressed.

In addition to the MORE highlights above, we are making minor adjustments to the course sequence,  the length of some classes and adding an exciting new capstone course in which students will participate in an online simulation experience culminating in a presentation to a panel of judges.

Finally, the most important point to note is that all of these changes have been done for the benefit of our students' experiences with us. Here's to a fantastic 2013 and the launch of our new executive MBA curriculum!

- Patty Keegan