Advancing in Your Career




I was chatting with an Executive MBA student a couple years ago about his career advancement. “Anita,” he said. “I think I need a personal advisory board - like most companies have - but this would be for me and my career.” The idea of business professionals having a cadre of trusted individuals for advice, guidance, and wisdom is a long-held tradition in building successful and enduring careers.

So during the Executive MBA Career Services global strategy meeting last spring, we brainstormed how to create an advisors program specifically for Booth Executive MBAs.

Well, it’s one thing to put the idea of Executive Advisors on paper and quite another one to mobilize senior level Booth alumni from around the globe in fields that are of interest to Executive MBA students. Any concerns we had about getting alumni to participate in this endeavor quickly evaporated. The power of the Booth alumni network became crystal clear. Booth alumni’s interest, commitment, and involvement poured in from around the globe.

When the Executive Advisors Program launched globally in November 2012, there were more than fifty alumni available to impart their knowledge, insights, and wisdom to Executive MBA students. This first-ever Booth program selected individuals who are passionate about sharing their experiences with Executive MBA students. These senior professions represent numerous functions and industries - from consulting and technology to general management and entrepreneurship. There were people like the partner in the operations practice at McKinsey in the Americas, the Banking executive in EMEA, the supply chain leader in Asia - and entrepreneurs all over the world.

These Executive Advisors serve as guides many areas, specifically things that Executive MBA students face all of the time like:

• Evaluating prospective career choices

• Exploring alternative ways to enter a new industry, function, level, and/or geography

• Providing feedback on the student’s approach to the marketplace

• Managing challenging situations

• And so much more

Now, when an Executive MBA student is looking for something to share lessons learned, guidance, and an insider’s understanding of the trends, nuances, and complexity of a specific profession - they know where to go. Finding an Executive Advisor is a few clicks and a Booth ID and password away.

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