Taking our talents to South Beach


The Executive MBA Program is focusing on the development of students from Latin and South America. We are confident that as the role of Latin and South America in the global economy continues to grow so too will our influence. The University of Chicago already has a long and distinguished history in the region with regards to economics (search “Chicago Boys”).

We also believe that the more diversity we can add to a classroom with regard to culture, industry, economic ideology etc. the better for everyone involved. When you can sit in a room full of accomplished individuals, all with different ideas on how to approach the same business issue you can’t help but learn from that.

Last week I was in Miami and Mexico City on a sort of fact-finding mission to talk with alumni from these areas and learn about the networks that exists and develop ideas on how to leverage the incredibly strong networks to assist us in getting the message out that an Executive MBA from the University of Chicago is a real option for people in these areas. The trip was terrific. I met with the heads of the alumni clubs in Miami and Mexico City and started what I hope is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

At the end of the day we have a lot of work to do. Awareness of the Executive MBA option for Latin America, figuring out how best to leverage our networks, and developing new relationships with individuals and organizations is very exciting though. It’s a challenge I look forward to and one that I am confident will improve on the already amazing international experience for our students.

Toby Cortelyou