New Year, new beginnings.


Every new year, I would take stock of the past year and at the same time, I would resolve to make new resolutions and changes so that I can do better in the new year.

When I was thinking about my new year resolutions, it occurs to me that the Chicago Executive MBA program is all about making changes. Changes in the way our students approach business, changes to their perceptions / beliefs and also changes to the way they think as the program teaches our students how to think and not what to think.

When I asked Rachel Provest, a current Executive MBA student and Business Consultant for Orient Global finishing the Program in just 3 months how she has been affected she told me this:

“ The Chicago experience has become a way of life and I still can’t believe I’m a part of it. I’ve met so many people from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Great academic support. Also I have been taught by academics and professionals at the top of the game (for more information on Chicago Booth faculty click here). Every day I see things that trigger something I have learnt on the program, which once would not have signified much. For example: I stand in a slow queue in a coffee shop or at the airport, and immediately think of Professor Adelman (who teaches Operations Management) discussing bottlenecks and throughput. A DHL van passes and I now understand how that one vehicle and its driver fits into a whole chain of competitive advantage. Newspapers are riddled with micro and macroeconomics which I now really understand and slowly I find that the world is being pieced together into an infinitely more meaningful place. SO much in life was passing me by before I enrolled at Chicago Booth. I cannot tell you how grateful I am not to have left it any later! It is like having the magic eye, and the upper hand and exhilarating and rewarding feeling.”

To see what Rachel and her classmates have been studying, please click here.

And so as I welcome the New Year, I realize that for Rachel and her classmates, the changes that occurs to them are for theirs to keep. Confucius said that “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom” and something tells me that Confucius knew what he was talking about just ask Rachel and her classmates!

Ria Sugita