Information Sessions


The latter part of the year is often the beginning of the recruitment season for many schools. One of the best ways for folks who are interested in a graduate program but who are not able to visit its campus, is to attend an information session about the program. Chicago Booth for example, kicks off its year-long series of info sessions for the 14th class of Executive MBA program Asia from August 2012 onwards (please click here).

There are various types of info sessions available in the market. A typical information session consists of a presentation of the program and sharing by administrators and students or alumni of the school. Sometimes, an information session is scheduled together with a brief lecture by a faculty member so that the audience can get a ‘taste’ of the learning one gets at the particular school.

But regardless the type of information session one attends, these sessions are a good opportunity for folks to learn about the various programs and the unique attributes each program has. At these info sessions, topics like the duration of the program, the class schedule as well as the curriculum are often discussed in great length.

In addition, folks will also be able to listen to students and alumni who share their experiences with the audience. They will be able to ask them questions about their direct experiences in the program. One of the biggest benefits of attending the session is that it allows people who are interested in applying, to get to know some of the students and alumni of the program. Students and alumni are often more than happy to share not only their experiences, but also to give them suggestions and tips on how to make a successful application.

Another benefit of attending the session is that it allows people to meet the marketing and admissions staff of the University and get the dialogue going because nothing beats a personalized connection. A would-be applicant becomes no longer just a ‘name’ but rather a person whom the staff knows and can understand better. And although there are a lot of variables that make an application successful, getting to know some of the staff, is a good start to get the ball rolling.

Ria Sugita