Why the GMAT?


Recently, we announced that the GMAT exam is a required part of the executive MBA admissions process.

In the past, we strongly encouraged the exam as good preparation for a highly analytical program like our executive MBA. We had some applicants who took us up on our suggestion, but many who did not.

Why the change?

Part of the reason is what you may have heard a parent or a close relative say to you as a child - “because it’s good for you.” Studying for the GMAT allows a prospective student to focus on mathematical and reasoning concepts that he or she will face in a program like ours.

Since most of our students have been out of an academic environment for 12+ years, it is critical to prepare for the rigor of being a student again. An additional challenge for many of our students is the current complexity of their lives. All have demanding jobs which may require extensive travel in addition to families and other important obligations. Knowledge gained from 12, 18 or 20 years ago is certainly not fresh nor is the discipline required to be a successful student. The GMAT allows prospective students to step back and prepare for concepts they will face in our program. We want them to be successful.

Of course, the GMAT is a strong signal to those of us who evaluate applicants that the candidate is serious about his/her pursuit of a Booth MBA. If I hear that a prospective student doesn’t have the time to focus on the exam, that leads me to wonder how he/she could possibly handle a 21-month rigorous MBA program...

- Patty Keegan