Knowledge and Network


Years ago, while an MBA student, a group of us were having a heated debate with questions flying back and forth across a lounge at Chicago Booth. “Knowledge and Network” was my answer. So what was the question? The question was “when you look at your experience at Chicago Booth many years from now, what will you have gained?”

Clearly, the knowledge part of the answer was expected. I received lots of information at the School, from how to read a financial statement to understanding the behavioral impact of a new strategy on consumers. I learned to think about, structure, and solve problems - some that had never even been contemplated before.

Yet part 2 of my answer, “Network,” seemed less obvious to some of twenty-something friends who were more focused on current than future consumption. The Chicago Booth network has been a constant source of support personally and professional when I was in Banking, Consulting, and now as Director of Career Advancement programs at Chicago Booth. We share knowledge, opportunities, and even the yet to be discovered restaurant in a brand new locale. All three of these things make life more interesting, create greater success, and broaden both perspective and taste buds.

Anita Brick 
Director Career Advancement Programs
MBA Chicago Booth 2009