So What About Those Essays?


Our first application deadline is coming soon (February 1). That means many candidates ask what we are looking for in those essay answers!

If you think about what makes a good executive MBA candidate, that will help in the development of your answers. In assessing candidates, we are concerned with three things:



True Voice

Fit: Does your career path fit a general management program? Do your values and work ethic fit within the Booth culture?

Capability: Do your experience and academic background show your potential to handle a rigorous curriculum?

True Voice: When reading your essays, are we able to picture you, your self-assessment and your aspirations through the words on the page?

Remember to be focused and honest in your essays. It's okay to show your personal side - in fact, we offer an optional essay so you can tell us more about yourself. Let your personality show through!

Finally, remember not to tell us about us. Don't pull content from our web site. We prefer that you tell us about you, your career, your aspirations and your personality. We look forward to meeting you through your essays.

Patty Keegan