EMBA Introspection


For the past several years, I've been involved in selecting the content for our annual industry conference - the Executive MBA Council conference. Although the conference theme changes every year, there are still overall trends in the tone and objectives of our workshop sessions.

The best way to describe this year's proposals is "after a crisis, questioning follows." In other words, it's time to step back and look at what we do in EMBA programs - not necessarily from an operations perspective, but from a content and execution perspective.

Well over 50% of the workshop proposals posed questions about the relevancy and effectiveness of our curricula. Are the courses our programs offer still relevant for today's rising senior managers? What types of leaders does today's business world need? How does regulated accountability change behaviors and outlooks at the C-level? And, finally, how do we provide meaningful global perspectives for our students?

It's good practice to be introspective and make sure we are in tune with what our students need to prepare for the challenges they will face in the coming years. With the collaborative nature of the Executive MBA industry, we should be able to share best practices and innovative ideas to ensure that we continue to attract, teach and graduate effective leaders.

For more information about the EMBA Council conference, visit http://emba.org/conference.htm

Patty Keegan