Be Prepared


As Patty Keegan said in her previous post, the new Executive MBA students recently kicked off their program in Chicago. As students at all three campuses settle in to their first class sessions, one of the questions that will be on their minds, and on the minds of a lot of students starting an MBA at the moment is “How will I manage to balance life, family and work with the additional reading, studying, preparing for exams, etc. required from a rigorous EMBA program?”

I recently polled our EXP16 group, who are just completing the first year of their program. I asked them how many hours a week they studied outside of the class weeks. The results (from the 55 students who responded) were as follows:

17.2 - the average number of hours per week students study outside class weeks

5 - 50 hours per week is the full range of hours people study outside class week

14 - 20 hours / week is the mid-range number of hours per week people study outside class weeks

One of the most interesting statistics to come out of this survey is that 49% of people said that this was MORE than they had expected to study, while only 30% said it was less than they expected. So, it is important to really assess beforehand how much time you will need to create in your life in order to be successful in an MBA Program.

Time and time again, students make the same comments in the open ended questions of the survey. One of the topics that current students give the most advice on is about preparation and organization of time for studying. Here are a few examples:

  • “Plan Carefully”
  • “Keep up with the work on a daily basis”
  • “Do as much reading in advance as possible”
  • “Be ready to invest time in studying not only before the exams”
  • “Be ready to work hard and be intellectually challenged”
  • And finally - “Enjoy each minute of the program because it goes fast.”

Good luck to everyone.

Richard Johnson
Managing Director
Executive MBA Program Europe