Career Impact


No matter what sector you are in, well-run organizations are effective from top to bottom. Leaders in nonprofits need a diverse set of skills to successfully manage people, finances, and projects just like in the for-profit sector.

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"Am I too Young for an MBA?" in a thought bubble

You’re young, eager, and intelligent, with a strong work ethic and drive for success. You’re everything a business school should want out of an MBA prospect– until you find out you are considered too young or inexperienced for most MBA programs. Quite frankly, we don’t think that is fair.

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Peter Wilson, GSALB, Graduate Student at Large, Chicago Booth, Booth School of Business

Some Booth students experience a Chicago Booth course before applying through the Graham School's Graduate Student at Large Business Program (GSALB). By attending a class taught by Booth faculty, with Booth students, and in a Booth classroom, these students were able to confidently pursue their MBAs. This is Peter's story.

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