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Funding your MBA: Scholarships & Financial Aid

As you consider an MBA, we know funding the degree is top of mind. Learn about the combination of support available to students, including merit-based scholarships and financial aid. Read More »

MBA Application Tip: Work Experience and Resumes

Your past and current work experience, along with your career goals, are important parts of your application. Here's how they play a big part in your application process. Read More »

Boothies Giving Back: The Small Business Growth Program

Our Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students have many opportunities to give back to the community during their time at Booth. One of those ways is through the Polsky Center's Small Business Growth Program, and on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we share experiences of the program from a Weekend MBA student and a Weekend MBA alumna. Read More »

Application Process FYIs and Tips: Transcripts and the Academic Record Section

We know the application process can feel daunting. We seek to help by posting a series of blogs breaking down the specific sections of the online application and sharing tips and FYIs. This blog post covers the Academic Record section within the online application and transcripts. Read More »

Admissions Tips: Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of your application, as it allows the Admissions Committee to learn about you from other people’s perspective. Here are some helpful tips and FYIs to help you select and prepare your recommenders. Read More »

There’s Nothing Typical about a Weekend at the Gleacher Center

An average weekend at the Gleacher Center is anything but. Get a sense of all the activities available to Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students on a typical weekend day. Read More »

New courses added to Chicago Booth curriculum

The business world is always changing, and so are the interests of our students and faculty. With that said, we are excited to add new courses to the Chicago Booth curriculum! Read More »
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