Nurturing a Community of Civic Leaders


Photo of Kelly LambrinatosIn Chicago Booth’s Civic Scholars Program, MBA-bound nonprofit and government professionals take part in special programming and networking events through our Weekend MBA Program. In this full-scholarship program, students refine their civic leadership chops and receive a world-class business education at the same time.

Weekend student Kelly Lambrinatos is the cofounder and executive director of VOCEL, a nonprofit that provides educational opportunities to underserved Chicago communities. Since enrolling at Booth in 2016, she has seen a definitive shift in the way she leads VOCEL. “Not only have I noticed a change in my leadership, management, thinking, and decision-making at my organization, but these changes have also been noted to me by my co-founder and multiple board members,” she explains.

Charged with leading a strategic planning process over the past year, Kelly was able to draw directly from the classroom to help her navigate the transition. “I took lessons from multiple Booth classes – from applying frameworks and ways of thinking to better cash flow analysis to preparing my communications in a way that would be persuasive and compelling – that helped me lead our board, funders, staff and community stakeholders through our change process,” she said. “I can’t count the number of times I’ve started a sentence with: ‘In one of my classes we studied/learned…’”

As the organization prepares to launch their next strategic phase, Kelly is confident that her experience in the Civic Scholars Program will come in handy. According to Kelly, it already has: “I know I would not have been able to make the decisions I did, with the thorough analysis and compelling narrative, had it not been for much of the learning I’ve done at Booth over the past seven quarters.”

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