New courses added to Chicago Booth curriculum


The Chicago Approach to business education ensures that Booth students master the core principles of economics, statistics and behavioral sciences that apply across industries and functions. These principles can be applied to the business challenges you face today, as well as prepare you for those you’ve not yet encountered.

The Chicago Approach also allows the flexibility to create new courses to fit the interests of our students, faculty, and the needs of the ever evolving and complex business world. Here is a sample of the new courses being offered this academic year:

  • Accounting for Entrepreneurship: From Start Up to IPO, taught by Ira Weiss

  • Accounting, Economic, and Regulatory Issues in Complex Deals, taught by Mark Maffett

  • The FinTech Revolution, taught by Luigi Zingales

  • Chinese Financial Markets, taught by Zhiguo He

  • Innovation Leadership, taught by Lindsey Lyman

  • Behavioral Economics, taught by Devin Pope

  • Narrative, Storytelling, and Power in Business, taught by Guy Rolnik

  • Lab in Media/Reputation, taught by Guy Rolnik

  • Digital Marketing and MarTech Lab, taught by Lil Mohan

  • Business Applications of Natural Language Processing, taught by Dean Alderucci

  • Fixed Income Investments: Corporate and Sovereign Credit Risk, co-taught by Pietro Veronesi and Oleg Syndyk

We are very excited to add these into our selection of over 130 courses that you get to choose from as an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student. At Booth, you have the academic freedom to take the courses that fit you individual interests and goals.

Kara Northcutt, Director of Admissions Evening and Weekend MBA Program
Kara Northcutt is director of admissions and marketing for the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs.