Three Flights a Week: Weekend MBA Makes it Happen


Adam Meyer is a student in the Weekend MBA Program at Chicago Booth, and like most Weekenders, he flies to Chicago to attend class. However, it’s often his third (or more) flight – of the week. Adam explains his work-life-school balance to fellow Booth student Catherine Frances Napier, ’18, in this “In Real Life” story.

As a consultant and Weekend MBA student at Booth, Adam logs at least three flights per week. To break it all down for you, it looks like this: he flies from his “home” in Atlanta to his consulting project on Monday, then on to Chicago on Thursday/Friday for his Saturday classes at Booth, and then often back to Atlanta on Sunday. The next week, he does it all over again.

Saturdays always start with a 7:15 a.m. workout class after arriving in Chicago before spending the day at the downtown Gleacher Center campus (we’ll just leave that one right there). In spite of one of the busiest travel schedules we’ve seen from a Weekend MBA student, Adam’s ability to manage his time, commitments, and lifestyle is remarkable. Here are three of Adam’s tips for making the commute work:

Travel time is not “dead time”

Wherever he is, Adam is maximizing his time. If he’s on the Blue Line train from O’Hare Airport, which is a 45-minute ride, he’s getting work done for those 45 minutes.

Self-care is mandatory

Compromising on gym time is not an option. Adam makes sure his body is healthy and able to withstand his constant travel schedule.

Realistic time management

Springing for an impromptu round of golf sounds great, but would be brutal to productivity. If Adam wants to play golf, he makes the time in advance by working an extra hour each day and mapping it out 4-5 days out. These trade-offs are necessary to maintain his successful work-life-school balance.

Once he is at Booth, Adam follows his own advice and maximizes every moment of it. He gets involved in classroom discussions, networks with classmates, and simply enjoys getting to know the Booth community.

“It’s nice because everybody’s motivated. It takes a different kind of person to give up their weekend. Everyone is giving up something that’s precious, so you know everyone is serious about what they’re doing. I really do enjoy the Saturday lunch hour – whether it’s the clubs or meeting new people over lunch, it’s a nice time to be able to do that.” – Adam Meyer