From The Military To Booth


Victor Perez

The shift from the military to a part-time MBA and a business career can be daunting—veterans benefit from support to smooth the transition. At Chicago Booth, veterans can count on assistance from alumni, school administrators, and members of the student Part-Time Armed Forces Group, to financial help under the government’s Yellow Ribbon Programs. Here, some Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students share their experiences.

“When I was ready to apply to business school in the summer of 2014, I was still deployed. I had missed the deadline for other programs. But Booth let me interview, and I jumped on the next flight to Chicago. On my way back home, I got the call that I was accepted. Booth took a chance on me.”
 --Victor Perez |Current Weekend MBA student

"When I became interested in applying to Booth, the admissions staff put me in touch with other veterans. I sent them my essays and they gave me feedback. The veteran community was supportive throughout the process." 
--Kate Besser | Current Evening MBA student

“Kate Besser recruited me to the Armed Forces Group pretty quickly. We help prospective students in the same way that we were helped. They want to know, what is the interview like? What were your best classes? I told them about my experiences - the lessons learned and what I could have done better.” 
--Breg Hughes | Current Evening MBA student

“Booth has a welcoming, accepting culture. You can open up and express yourself. When I started in the Weekend MBA program, I was teaching at Notre Dame. Talking with fellow students who were working in finance made me want to try something else. I loved the idea of the fast pace and doing $100 million deals. I decided to leave the military and I was accepted into an intern program for veterans at Wells Fargo.”
--Victor Perez | Current Weekend MBA student

“Booth teaches you the value of networking. That’s not something that is necessarily encouraged in the military. You go where the Navy needs you. But it’s a critical component to a professional career.”
--Kate Besser |Current Evening MBA student

“My finance classes in quantitative investment, central banks, and money and banking provided phenomenal information on the way the economy works. That helped me right away in my job in wealth management at Merrill Lynch. I was able to have more sophisticated conversations with clients.”
--Breg Hughes |Current Evening MBA student

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