An Unexpected Path For Alumna Susan Axelrod, ’82


Susan Axelrod, ’82Susan Axelrod, ’82, didn't go looking for her career; it came knocking on her door, full force. The founding chair of Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) has a deeply personal stake in the organization's mission.

"When I was in business school I had a grand life plan, including the birth of my firstborn daughter. What was not in the plan - and what threw a lifelong curve ball at my family - was that she developed epilepsy at 7 months.

And this wasn't what you might envision when you think about epilepsy - a minor inconvenience, where drugs would control the seizures. This was epilepsy with a vengeance."

As she and her family grappled with her daughter's illness, Axelrod also saw the bigger picture and realized through connecting with other families that her situation was not unique.

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