Why An MBA?


Why get an MBA? Perhaps you’re looking at how to effectively advance your career, gain new skillsets, develop leadership skills, or possibly switch careers and jump into an entirely new field. All of these are great reasons to look at MBA's. And while reasons may be varied, current Chicago Booth Evening MBA Program and Weekend MBA Program students share their reasons for why they chose to pursue an MBA.

“Part of my career ambition is to move up the ranks through senior management at a big company but that would take me about 15 to 20 years to do. Booth helps me fast track by learning the tips and tricks of management strategy and project management and really learn what it takes to be in that position earlier on in my career. That’s going to let me just fly in a lot sooner.”

Somil Shah | Current Weekend student and Chicago Business Fellow

“I decided to get an MBA to one, further my career at my current company, Northern Trust, and also to get back in the classroom. One of the great things about working and going to school at the same time is that what you’re learning in the classroom you can directly apply to work. I really enjoy learning and surrounding myself with other professionals. I came to Chicago Booth because of the community. It could not be a better group of individuals to be in a classroom with, to socialize with, and to have as your professional network.”

Joanne Meulendyke | Current Evening MBA student

“I decided to get an MBA because I had started my career as an engineer at a Fortune 50 company and I found myself looking for more intellectual challenges that were just a little bit different. I started to explore what the opportunities were out there and found a lot of opportunity here at Chicago Booth to broaden my horizons intellectually.”

Brad Hurwitz | Current Evening MBA student

“As a project manager I have spent most of my life on the engineering side but I was really looking to boost my financial and economic acumen and that is what really drew me to Booth and led me down the road to getting my MBA. I have been promoted twice since starting at Booth.”

Aron Branam | Current Weekend MBA student

“I really wanted to pursue an MBA this early in my career so that I could look at the decisions my clients are making or the different teams they brought in to help them make decisions. I wanted to be part of the understanding of why decisions are made rather than just carrying out the decisions after they came through.”

Jackie DiMonte | Current Weekend MBA student and Chicago Business Fellow