What Chicago Booth Taught Me About Leadership


From leading a major Fortune 500 company, or a smaller team within your company, to managing an initiative at a local non-profit, leadership comes in a wide variety of styles. Standing out from the rest often depends on how well you communicate, collaborate, and motivate people. We asked Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students and alumni what they learned about leadership at Chicago Booth.

"I've learned to be a leader you must first know where you are going. Booth has provided me the environment to intimately explore different areas of business in order to find where my true interests and talents lie.”
— Ilya Zlotnik | Current Evening MBA Student

“Booth gave me the poise and confidence to stand-out as a rock star in my career.  As a growing leader in my field, I’m not afraid of challenges; in fact, Booth gave me the drive to seek them out as opportunities. Booth gave me the vision to see what’s possible.”
— Natasha Ghatak ’13 | Evening MBA alumna

“Booth helped me to become a better leader by becoming aware of biases, building a strong network, knowing how to sell ideas, and confidence to solve nearly any problem.”
— Jon Park | Weekend MBA alumnus ’15

"The three biggest assets I acquired at Booth were insights, leadership skills, and a network. Properly synthesized, these incredibly powerful assets can open up any door, and propel one toward any achievement.”
— Alex Hodgkin  | Weekend alumnus ’14

“Learning the difference between exercising authority and practicing leadership is a powerful skill. Booth teaches this perspective and the discipline of truly leading in business.”
— Christopher Steele ’14 | Evening MBA alumnus

Find out more about Chicago Booth's approach to Leadership Development and the variety of leadership growth opportunities available. Starting with Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD), the only required curriculum course (completed in your first quarter), to a variety of faculty-led courses on leadership that can be taken at any point during your Booth studies.