Looking To Advance Your Career? Alumnae Offer Advice.


If you’re looking to advance your career, a part-time MBA is a way to keep your career on track while learning new frameworks and skills. But, did you know there are other things you can do to compliment your MBA that will help you evolve your leadership and management skills? Maybe you’re wondering how to go about asking someone you respect to be your mentor? Or perhaps you want to become better at adapting to adversity. If you’re wondering what next steps to take, Chicago Booth alumnae offer 4 ways you can advance your career:


When opportunity knocks, answer the door. Say ‘yes’ and step up to the challenge. Evolve your plan as you go along.
- Deanie Elsner, ’92, president, Snacks Business Unit, Kellogg Company


Every time I tried something, like a new project, I would think, 'What do I like about this? What do I hate?' Think about the process, the team, or the industry. Think about the things you really enjoy, and after a while, you'll see a trend.
- Martina V. Dimova-Martinez, '08, Category Manager, Publisher Relations, Follett Higher Education Group


Mentors can help you along the way, but they don’t drop out of the sky. Young people think someone is supposed to come up and say, 'I'm going to be your mentor.' It doesn't happen that way. Instead, look for subtle cues from an experienced colleague who expresses interest in your work. It's up to you to realize they're inviting you into their circle.
- Valerie Van Meter, '04, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer; Central Bank Services and System Leadership Initiative, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Build an 'A' Team by assembling the best team possible. Create constructive tension. Motivate through belief and trust, empower your staff and help people succeed. Understand your competition. Determine your destination and frame your path to accomplish it.
- Deanie Elsner, ’92, President, Snacks Business Unit, Kellogg Company

Components of this article are from a Booth Women Connect Conference article written by S. A. Swanson.