"I'm Leaving Here With So Much More Than An Education And A Network."


When I chose to attend Booth, I expected to receive a top-notch education, and build a robust professional network. This experience has been so much more than that. It’s been late nights building macroeconomic models with classmates who became friends, and study sessions that turned into drinks that morphed into closing down karaoke bars… yes, sometimes on ‘school nights’. I’m leaving here with so much more than an education and a network.”

Insightful reflection from winter 2015 graduate and Student Advisory Council (SAC) President, Carolyn Brewer during her speech to fellow winter 2015 graduates at the graduate dinner this past weekend. Graduate Dinner is an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs quarterly tradition surrounding graduation where students celebrate their accomplishments with family and guests and members of the Booth community.

Brewer went on to say, “This is a place in which ideas compete, and people collaborate. And that Booth humility is reflected in the words of our professors, who despite having all the reasons in the world to be confident about their areas of expertise, also demonstrate tremendous respect for that which they do not know… Professors also emphasize connecting with our personal priorities, and building out a value system which can guide our decisions, and by which we can measure our personal definitions of success.”

Enjoy a few photos from the festivities.