Start Up Networking Night


Last month I attended the semi-annual Start-Up Networking Night (SNN) at the Gleacher Center hosted by the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the Chicago Booth Career Services.

It was a great event that brought together Booth students from across all of the programs: full-time, evening, and weekend programs. Start-Up Networking Night was a fun way to network and spark conversations with nearly 70 various founders and team members of start-ups of the Chicagoland area. Many of the start-ups have open positions in projects, internships, and full-time opportunities at their companies, which is amazing access for those curious about or interested in joining a young company someday. 

“Test Your Ideas” immediately followed Thursday night’s SNN, where 4 pre-screened start-ups, founded by Booth students, featured their venture’s product or service to solicit feedback on business design. The concept of “Test Your Ideas” was brought to Booth for the first-time ever by student entrepreneur Jeremy Krell, and was co-hosted by Built@Booth and the Student Advisory Council. The turnout and level of interest was incredible! According to Jeremy, “It was a hard decision when selecting the top 4 start-ups to participate in Test Your Ideas. We received around 20 applications, and all were very good!” 

This quarter’s “Test Your Ideas” featured the following companies, all founded or cofounded by Booth entrepreneurs:

Deziner Software: Matthew Quigley, cofounder
Project Fixup: Sarah Press, cofounder
Liquor Lab: Jason Ortiz, founder Tibi Stef-Praun, founder

MaryLou Marinas | Evening MBA student