Government And Policy Trek To Washington DC


The Government and Policy Group (G&P) is a nonpartisan, student-led group that provides career development resources, learning experiences, and networking opportunities to part-time and full time students who want to pursue a career in public service, have an interest in policy, or have worked in the government.

In early 2013, the co-chairs of G&P met to plan the group events for the next few quarters. We decided it would be great to offer a new experience to the G&P members in the form of a group trek. Since many of our group members have aspirations to become involved with public policy and government, we decided that a trip to Washington, DC would be a great educational experience. This trip could provide us with exposure to government related companies and agencies and offer us insight into key policy issues and challenges that are facing business and policy leaders, as well as networking opportunity with professionals in a variety of fields.

One of the other co-chairs, was in contact with students that were part of the Kellogg Government Club and knew that they had done a trip to DC the year before. We then decided to reach out to them and see if they would be interested in a joint trip to DC early in 2014. The Kellogg Government Club liked the idea and we proceed with putting the trip together. With the help of Booth Career services and out own contacts we were able to arrange meetings with federal agencies, lobbying firms and consulting companies.

On April 9th and 10th we went to the trek with about 15 students, half from each school. Our meetings were very productive and we had a chance to meet with industry leaders and learn more about the different components of government and the drivers of public policy. We look forward organizing a similar event annually going forward.

Enjoy a few photos from our trip!

- Rod Gonzalez | Co-Chair, Government & Policy Group