Fun Run With Associate Dean George Andrews


This month Booth Running Group expanded its reach with a run with associate dean George Andrews. The dean joined about 20 students on a four mile run along the Lakefront. Many students are challenged with balancing work, school, family, networking and, well, life. Throw working out in there and you start calculating a cost benefit analysis on the value to sleep. Booth Running Group provides students a fun environment to tackle a balance. The runners range from casual conversationalists to marathoners to triathletes, so much like Chicago Booth, every student can find their place in the pack.

And, not just students. While the runners kept dean Andrews at a pretty brisk pace, the four miles allowed all students an opportunity to chat with him. His participation exhibits the support of the Part Time program office in the initiatives of the students.

For all you runners, you know that some of your best conversations occur on the run. If you are looking to network, work out, get a few class recommendations and run with the Dean/Professors/Alumni, Booth Running Group is for you!

Joanne Meulendyke, Ryan Pahl, Mike Ngan, Annie Hickman | Evening MBA students & Running Club