Booth Provides Network And Friendships For Life


After visiting a class during her admissions journey, Emily Engel (’09), who worked in Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago at the time, knew she had found the right fit. At Chicago Booth Emily found a dynamic community of women both in the classroom and at social activities. Emily noted, "While the Booth education will help you land that job you have been eyeing for years, it is the network you will create that will help you succeed in that job and further your career." We recently had the opportunity to speak with Emily about her journey and how Chicago Booth is still a part of her life today.

Can you tell us a little about your background prior to Booth? And what you are doing today?

Prior to attending Booth and while attending Booth, I worked in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Fed). I was able to use much of what I learned in classes on a daily basis. After Booth, I transitioned within the Fed to Supervision and Regulation. Currently, I'm working in Community Development and Policy Studies at the Fed. It is a perfect fit with my economics background that I honed at Booth and my desire to engage in issues affecting community development.

We have heard a lot of different stories about why students and alumni have chosen Booth, why did you choose to attend Booth?

After sitting through a class at Booth, it was an easy decision to apply. The professors possessed a level of knowledge that one would expect of a renowned institution. They also treated the students with respect - something that left a lasting impression on me. Additionally, the students were bright and engaged, especially for an evening class after a long day a work! Not only was the student who took me to class and told me about Booth a pleasure to speak with, but his peers were as well. At the time I hadn't even been accepted and I was already excited to be back in school.

Were you involved with any organizations while at Booth?

I decided that Booth offered so many classes in every subject, that I wanted to spend my free time (the little that I had) pursuing extra-curricular activities that revolved around sports. I was an active member of the golf club and the chair of the tennis club. We had quarterly tennis events around Chicago in addition to a standing Saturday morning court time. It was a pleasure to spend time with my classmates inside and outside of the classroom.

Since graduating, I have become part of an informal Booth women's group. Eight Booth women have been meeting once a month since graduating to talk about everything from books to children to work. We created a community that has weathered 3 weddings, 15 children (1 more on the way), 2 entrepreneurs, and countless career transitions. Additionally, I have participated in woman's events organized by the school.

I'm not sure that each of us could have accomplished what we have since Booth without the supportive network we created. Personally, I know that my two career transitions (and balancing them with life as a mom) were made easier by the support of those around me. I would not be the same woman I am today without their help and their differing points of view. The best part is that while they each have their own perspectives, everyone analyzes issues looking through the 'Booth lens'.

If you attend Booth, you will always be a part of this community, so I suggest to you to attend Booth, become part of the community and make new friends. As you can see from the picture below, my classmates have turned into my friends (and our children might one day be Booth students together)

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