Scoring Your Dream Job


I first connected with Peter Gansler while he was a prospective student living in Amsterdam and working for adidas International. As I learned about Peter's background and goals with his MBA, one topic was consistently part of the conversation, his love of soccer. Peter played soccer while he was a student at Notre Dame and went on to play at the professional level in both Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Munich, Germany.

His love of soccer carried over into his professional life and he developed a career in sports marketing. Peter held a variety of sports marketing positions for adidas America and adidas International. While he enjoyed these positions, Peter knew he needed to pursue an MBA at Chicago Booth to take his career to the next level. Eleven months after graduating from Chicago Booth's Evening MBA program, Peter landed his dream job.

Peter was recently named Commercial Director / CMO of Vitesse Arnhem, a top professional soccer team in the Dutch Eredivisie, which is the top league in the Netherlands. According to Peter, "It's a dream opportunity and would not have been possible without Booth". Read the press release here. note: It will first appear in Dutch. To translate to English click the British flag at the top left corner of the page.

As Peter told me about his new position, I was curious to know how particular courses and faculty influenced his transition. "Professor Ram Shivakumar's Competitive Strategy course was a turning point for helping me go from a street-smart marketer to a strategic management professional.His methodical approach and analytical frameworks continue to influence me daily and are already being implemented. Even just simple things such as: What do we want to do? How are we going to do it? And most importantly - why is it going to work?"

Another faculty member who impacted Peter was Professor Marvin Zonis, who taught leadership courses at Booth. "I was fortunate to have him for his last class at Chicago Booth, and I will always be better for it. His lessons regarding leadership are many of the things I hope to bring to this emerging soccer club in the Netherlands, but more importantly impart to the leaders within the organization."

Finally, Professor Nicholas Epley offered Peter "an enlightening dive into human behavior and taught with infectious passion. I hope to bring the same passion to the team here at Vitesse Arnhem. I talk about the negativity bias every day from his class. I notice things I didn't notice before about people, consumers, human behavior, etc."

Peter had a transformative experience at Chicago Booth. His experience in the MBA program combined with his passion for soccer and sports marketing enabled him to score his dream job. We are honored to have Peter Gansler as a part of our alumni community.

Kara Northcutt
Associate Director of Admissions